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SCRIPTURE READING: Hebrew 10:19-25
“Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another – and all the more as you see the Day approaching” – Hebrews 10: 25.
The time to seek the Lord more is now because the days are increasingly becoming evil and very difficult to cope with. There are pressures of life, negative effects of the global economic crunch on development, as well as rumours and evidence of war across the globe.
There are increased barbaric activities of terrorists, news of plane clashes, vehicular accidents, increase in arm robbery, cyber fraud, ritual murder, abnormal sexual activities, climatic changes and earthquakes claiming multitude of lives.
Also volcanic eruption halting flight activities for days, flooding leading to loss of lives and properties, and the upsurge in strange communicable and incurable diseases over these few decades. These confirm Christ’s prediction of the signs associated with the end times in Matthew 24.
These signs are not to frighten us but to remind us of how fast ‘’the Day’’ is approaching. While many are waning in love, others are compromising their integrity because of pressure. People are becoming more earthly minded than being heavenly minded. To some, the Lord’s coming is not eminent so ‘let us eat and drink’. Though the Lord may tarry, His coming is inevitable and the hour is unpredictable. It can happen either in the day or night when we least expect.
Interestingly, life span has also reduced drastically. As people keep dying, it is clear that all will not be alive to witness the rapture (parousia).
How prepared am I towards death or the parousia?
Although, I am hard pressed on every side, I know with You on my side, I shall surely overcome in Jesus name. Amen.
Observe the ants and learn from their ways, though insignificant, they understand evil days and therefore prepare ahead of time to avert the consequences of evil days.
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