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“…She has done a good work for Me..” – Mark 14:3-6
Once I witnessed something that gave me a new outlook in life.  An elderly lady stood next to her opened car booth and was laboriously lifting her items purchased from her shopping spree and placing them into the booth. 
As I parked the car and was about to get out, a young woman appeared.  She was on her way into the store, but she stopped to offer the elderly lady assistance.  “Can I help you with those?” she offered as she simultaneously lifted the bags and placed them carefully into the lady’s trunk.  The lady was thrilled to have the help; she even said, “I wish I could take you home with me.”  The Samaritan lady said that she would gladly have done that if she didn’t have to get back to the office.
I thought about that kind of unselfish act.  She only had a few minutes and would have to return to work but she took time to help the other lady on a hot day.  As hot as it was, most people probably are thinking about how fast they can get from their air-conditioned cars to the air-conditioned store.  I thought how pleased Jesus would be of that random act of kindness shown by the young woman. 
How often do we even see the plight of another as we go about our day?  Do we even consider stopping to help someone like that?  Do we ever see those gestures as doing a “good work for” Jesus?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we did?
Some people may not see our acts as our Lord does.  In the passage today, the disciples were grumbling about how Mary had ‘wasted’ the perfume to wash Jesus’ feet.  The scoffer’s grumbled that it was worth a year’s wages and could have been spent to feed the poor. But Jesus defended Mary’s act of love and selflessness.  He said as long as the gospel message is told, she would be remembered for her kindness to Him. 
• Am I selfish?
• Analyze carefully; of late what have you done for the Lord?
Lord, thank you for sacrificing all so we might live eternally with You.  Thank you for the opportunity You give me to serve You by helping others.  Let me never be so busy so I cannot stop and do acts of sacrificial kindness. Amen.
When a finger is pointed at someone, four turns back to the one pointing.
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