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SCRIPTURE READING: Matthew 27:1-50
“Then two robbers were crucified with Him, one on the right and another on the left.” – Matthew 27:38 (NKJV)
No! Jesus was crucified at Calvary in the centre of two robbers. Thus, it is abundantly clear that His crucifixion neither took place in the midst of musical instruments nor offering bowls. Not even among ‘righteous people.’
Unfortunately, sin is dominating our cultural fabric today but the Cross of Jesus Christ which is the source of power unto salvation is still being kept in the sanctuary – in other words, our chapels.  
Jesus chose to die first in an open space at Calvary because His work for salvation must not to be confined within a particular enclosure. He died at such an open space to tell believers that message about His Cross must be taken out to all places.
The second point deals with His acceptance to be crucified with the two robbers. It shows how needful sinners are to Jesus. Many people’s lives have been shattered, lost and rendered helpless so the only hope left for them to survive is Jesus Christ.
Going out there is where the battle rages as the enemy has launched his onslaught against the vulnerable folks who are without bunkers to take shelter.
Beloved, be reminded that the thieves, idolaters, and the wicked people for which Jesus was crucified are still roaming the streets, lanes, alleys and the roads of your community unsaved.  
Are all my efforts as a Christian limited to only the chapel?
Our Saviour Jesus, instill in me the kind of evangelism zeal that would always take me out to witness.
Seeking to reach others with the gospel message shows your concern for others in need.
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