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Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed. – John 20:29a (NIV)
There is an adage that states “seeing is believing”. In Christianity it should be the other way round – believing is seeing.
The early disciples walked with Jesus for about three years. He performed many miracles – raised the dead, the deaf heard, the blind saw, lepers were cleansed, demons surrendered and many more. They trusted that Jesus was all sufficient for them. Peter declared “To whom shall we go?”
Not long this ALL POWERFUL MAN, who spoke with authority, allowed Himself to be arrested and crucified! Peter thought it was finished with Him and therefore refused to identify himself with Him, hence the denial.
Then came Mary Magdalene with the GOOD NEWS of the risen Lord! Peter and John ran to see the empty tomb. Scripture started to unfold for them. Jesus had earlier on spoken about His death and resurrection. The disciples saw the empty tomb and believed He had risen.
We do not need to be led to the empty tomb, before we believe that Jesus died, rose and ascended to heaven, preparing mansions for all believers to come to Him and have eternal rest. We do not need to see Jesus in bodily form as the Jews saw Him.
That dispensation is passed. See Jesus in creation and believe (Rom 1:18-20) see Jesus in His Word and believe.
It is only when you believe that Jesus came to die for the sins of the world that you will see Him in your personal life.
Do I believe in other teachings that claim that Jesus is only a prophet who died?
Lord Jesus, without seeing You in bodily form, I have believed that You are the Saviour of my soul. I thank You for saving me. Amen.
Believing in the Son of God brings life.
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