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SCRIPTURE READINGS: Ephesians 6:15; Isaiah 52:7
One of the reasons Paul reminds Christians to put on the whole armour of God is that the devil is always looking for opportunity to attack us. If the soldier of Christ does not know the content of the gospel message, he is likely to be deceived by the opponent. Therefore, Paul instructs believers to put on the shoes of the gospel of peace.
Many Christians claim to be saved and born again but they cannot give an intelligent account of how they were saved or how someone else can be saved. However, considering the strong sandals of the Roman legionary, we can’t be any less in our knowledge of the gospel. I believe “Preparation” includes the study and memorization of the scripture. Notice also that Paul calls it the “gospel of peace”. It is a gospel that produces peace of heart and mind in those who believe it and obey it.
You must let people feel that you have something that they do not have which will meet their needs. You must be able to communicate the gospel to them in an effective way. There’s much security in doing the King’s business. That is the “shoe of the preparation of the gospel of peace”.
Father, I pray that we shall make me strong in my knowledge of the gospel of peace. Amen.
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