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In the ministry of Christ, he showed compassion on all manner of people. For some, the people around agreed that they deserved to be shown mercy. Others were said to be sinners who did not deserve the attention of righteous Jesus. However, the judgment of Christ is very different from that of man. He loves all and is ready to do good to all who come to Him. He will not disown anybody who comes to Him with the right attitude.
In the passage we see Jesus showing compassion to the centurion and the widow.
This is a clear illustration of how compassionate our God is. He understands our needs, even our emotions. In difficult times like that of the poor widow, we have to approach God as one who understands our human feelings and, therefore, can be empathetic and gracious to us. Even if we fall into sin, He is our High Priest (Heb 4:15-16).
In our call as Christians, God demands that we reach the lost out of love and be compassionate to all people (including our enemies) even as Christ out of love died on the cross to save us.
Father, fill my heart today with compassion so that I can help others.
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