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SCRIPTURE READING: Isaiah 41:17-24
Present your case says the Lord. Set forth your arguments, says Jacob’s King.” – Isaiah 41:21
In the court, when one of the complainants has presented his case, the Judge proceeds to the second complainant to listen to the other side of the case. He then weighs the validity of both sides before pronouncing judgement.
In the scripture reading, God argues out His case and tells us what He is capable of doing. Afterwards, He invites the other side to present their case and bring forth their argument. God does not like complaining and murmuring; just make your request to Him in faith, assurance and humility. Your relationship with Jesus Christ qualifies you for a hearing in Heaven.
What is your case O believer? What are your arguments? Present your case before God in prayer and fasting. God is ever ready to meet your demands. He shall level your mountains, fill your valleys and cause springs of water to flow in your deserts. Trust God in prayer. He will hear and answer you.
• Who am I to make a request to God?
• What makes God honor my request?
Thank you Lord Jesus for opening my eyes to the truths of Your Word – Now I know I can present my case in Your presence.
• With the Blood of Jesus as an inscription, in your life, you have the ability to argue out your case in the presence of God.
• Hannah, Jabez, Daniel are biblical personalities who argued out their cases with God and were heard.
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