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SCRIPTURE READING: Psalm 119:49-80
“Remember the word to your servant, upon which You have caused me to hope.” – Psalm 119:49 (NKJV).
The faithfulness of God is so sure that He will never turn to express disappointment in whatever He has purposed for your life. He stands by His word and will not let it go.
All the promises that God has for you can be found in the Scriptures. Thus, there is no need to go round looking for someone to prophesy to you what God has for you.
When God speaks of hope or His promises, He is simply telling you to rely on Him as the source of your living. Just read through the things that He has done for people and analyze them as you apply them to your situation, you will realize that God is very close to solving your problems than you think.
Beloved, bear in mind that Jesus came to this world to save sinners, which includes you. Now, ask yourself: Is there any other thing in my life that is too difficult for the Lord to do for me than snatching me from sin?
God has delivered you because of His son Jesus Christ so He will fulfill His other promises for your life through YOUR SAVIOUR Jesus Christ.
• Am I hopeful of the promises of God for my life?
• How am I maintaining this hope?
My Saviour Jesus Christ, anytime I find myself in a crossroad, give me hope according to Your tender mercies.
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