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“Live as free men, but do not use your freedom as a cover up for evil: live as servants of God’’ – 1 Peter 2:16.
Freedom in Christ implies liberation from sin, fear of death and satanic bondage but not free of sin, death and satanic influences.  Thus, though, we are no more under their grips and bondage, we can however, be influenced by them if we lose our ability to resist them.
Again, freedom in general also means the ability to exercise one’s right and make free choices. As believers, sin no longer comes to us as a compelling force but as a choice.
Only those who are ignorant about the essence of Christian liberty would want to gratify their sinful desire and assume liberty in Christ is synonymous to liberty to do whatever one likes.
This was what prevailed in the Church of Corinth. It is against such assumptions that Peter admonished the Jewish exiles to be mindful of and avoid in their bid to exercise their freedom in a foreign land. Since they are no longer under law, their conducts and choices were to be made in the light of their freedom in Christ.
Our liberty to make rightful or wrongful choices, make us liable for our actions. Slaves have no right to make choice because they are almost always compelled to act against their innate desires. We are no longer slaves to sin or Satan but to Christ Jesus.  As a servant’s will is subjected to the master’s, so as servants of Christ, we ought to live not for ourselves but for our Master’s pleasure.
Am I aware that whatever I do either in words or actions I will be held accountable?
May the freedom I have in Christ never ensnare me into sin but only do what is right. Amen.
To celebrate freedom without discerning judgment is like a blind person walking on the mountain top without a guide and a guard.
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