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SCRIPTURE READING: Matthew 15:21-28
So Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God”. – Mark 11:22
A big heart is always required for big events. A prepared mind always wins the battle. You cannot fully possess what you are not prepared for. It is rather dicey to think that you will gain something you have not intended to see from afar.
From the reading, the Canaanite woman made up her mind that she had to definitely meet her miracle while attending to Jesus. Though she was being ignored, she kept pressing on. When Jesus saw her great faith and how she prevailed against the odds, her miracle was finally granted.
We also must be keen in getting answers to our prayer request. Great faith calls to the deep and receives greater miracles. Without faith you cannot receive from God. Come alive therefore and increase your faith in Christ Jesus through Word. 
• How can I increase my faith in Christ?
• Do I prevail in prayer or easily give up?
Dear Lord God, help me to increase faith whilst I study your Word. Grant me a prevailing attitude to wait on You in prayer through Christ Jesus my Lord. Amen.
Great faith attracts miracles from God. The ability to press on and wait for an answer is a plus to your request being granted
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