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The Merriam – Webster dictionary defines ‘endurance’ as the ability to deal with pain or suffering that continues for a long time. As Christians we are called upon to fight the good fight of faith. To do this successfully, one needs the spirit of endurance. In our quest to be victorious in our Christian lives, we should know that enduring suffering is an integral part of the ‘fight’ (Philippians 1:29).
A preacher once said that “Christianity is not a bridge over troubled water, but a pathway through it”. That is to say, we do not build bridges over troubles by trying to escape them, but rather by confronting them through the enabling Spirit of God.
Jesus Christ, who is our role model was destined to die on the cross to save humankind from the power of sin, and the Bible says He “endured the cross” without downplaying it against all the contradictions He faced. For instance, He created water but at the crucial moment when he needed water He was denied (John 19:28-30). May God grant us the grace to endure our own peculiar crosses as we pursue God’s determinate council for our lives.
Father, I pray that you grant me the spirit of endurance to endure unto the very end. Amen!
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