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SCRIPTURE READING: 1 Samuel 4: 1-11
 Let us bring the Ark of the Lord’s covenant from Shiloh so that it may go with us and save us from the hand of our enemies. – 1 Samuel 4: 3 (NIV)
Israel went to battle with the Philistines and had a very terrible defeat. “Why did the LORD bring defeat upon us today before the Philistines” was their cry. So without soberly reflecting on the cause of their defeat, they decided to take the Ark of God’s covenant to the battle front in order to bring them victory. The ark of the LORD’S covenant stands for:
• The presence of God
• The power of God and
• The glory of God.
They did not ask of the LORD. This was the counsel of men and not of God. The result of this action was more terrible. The Ark was captured and the two sons of Eli- Hophni and Phinehas died. Thirty thousand foot soldiers died.
Which people went to Shiloh to bring the Ark? How did they handle the Ark? In Numbers 7:9, the Bible states that the Kohathites were to carry on their shoulders the holy things, for which they were responsible. God’s presence and glory cannot dwell with sin and therefore Israel had the first defeat because of sin.
Instead of humbling themselves before the Lord in repentance, they relied on the counsel of men to cause the Ark to be captured and sent to the house of Dagon- the god of the Philistines.
Obedience is rewarded by God’s blessing. Disobedience brings the wrath of God. May the Holy Spirit lead us to do the right thing.
• How do I handle the holy things of God?
• Am I living in sin and pretending that all is well?
Thank you, Lord Jesus for Your redeeming love. May Your name be praised. Amen. 
No one ever goes crooked who stays on the straight and narrow path.
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